Built to improve the patient experience

patientzone is an innovative online platform built to improve the patient journey into private healthcare.

We provide a single, central location for patients and providers to securely manage payments, administration and conduct online consultations.

Patients benefit from a transparent and seamless billing process, allowing them to focus on recovery.

Healthcare providers and practitioners benefit by being able to streamline patient administration and their practices more efficiently.

patientzone enables patients to pay their invoice seamlessly and will evolve over time to improve the patient experience by enhancing our secure online payment solution, enabling online video consultations and offering a full paperless solution.

Secure online payments

  • Debt and time consuming administration are reduced
  • You financial information is protected and not shared

Coming soon

  • All a practitioner needs is the patient's email address
  • Payments are automated and visible
  • Payment reminders and alerts are sent directly to patients
  • Enables practitioners to help patients get the medical advise they need quickly
  • A choice of location for both the patient and practitioner at a time and place that suits both parties
  • No more stamps, envelopes or paper
  • patientzone enables practitioners to offer the same type of payment solutions consumers use in every day life
  • Delivery and receipt of information is instant and assured