Built to improve the patient experience

Better patient experience

  • Paying online with a credit or debit card is simple and easy
  • patientzone makes collecting money from patients easy and less akward
  • Maintaining boundaries between healthcare and finance

Time efficient and cost efficient

  • No merchant account is required
  • No credit card processing fee

Peace of mind

  • Secure encrypted online portal
  • All data is hosted in the UK
  • patientzone has its own dedicated infrastructure meaning server resources are not shared
  • PCI compliant

Coming soon

  • No need to hand the bill to the patient - only an email address is required
  • Online video consultations - talking to your patients online and provide advice via video still enables your patients to receive a personalised consultation
  • No location boundaries for both parties
  • Enables you to look after international patients more easily
  • Register for a patientzone account via your practice management system (PMS)
  • One time set up: send invoices to patientzone from your PMS seamlessly - the rest is automated
  • Start receiving payments
  • Secure online audit trail of transactions
  • Immediate and accessible information
  • Statement of accounts provides detailed breakdowns quickly and accurately
  • Enables you to invoice your patients electronically seamlessly
  • No more stamps, envelopes or paper
  • Reduces your paper, print, mailing and processing costs
  • Payments are automated and visible
  • Automated payment reminders give you more time to focus on patients
  • Delivery and receipt or information is instant and assured